My cousins and I say some pretty off the wall sh*t. We're all ridiculously funny and if you've ever hung out with all of us, you know this is true. We hope you find the sh*t we say as funny as we do. We're way funnier than anybody's Dad...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dani: someone at work just emailed me: May I add that you are most eloquent....

Jena: eloquent does NOT describe you.. but it is a compliment

Dani: lol why not?!

Jena: well actually I guess it kinda does now that i looked up the definition.. but I always thought of eloquent as like.. polite and very proper

Dani: vibrantly expressive

Jena: but aparently its forceful and fluent or expressive or revealing which works

Dani: i think you were thinking eloquent. wait. no. hahahaha. elogent. how the fuck do you spell that?!

Jena: hahaha.. elogent isnt a word

Dani: i cant breath im laughing so hard

Jena: elegant? is that what you're trying to say? I think thats what I was thinking too

Dani: yes. and i am too elegant. you whore

Jena: hahaha. yes.. words of an elegant person "you whore"

Dani: LOL! ya know that saying.. lady in teh streets freak in the sheets... well i'm a lady at work and when nevessary and a crazy ass bitch the rest of the time

Jena: hahaha. perfect description of you. lol

Dani: basically i'm the perfect combo. and i just described you too btw

Jena: thats true

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