My cousins and I say some pretty off the wall sh*t. We're all ridiculously funny and if you've ever hung out with all of us, you know this is true. We hope you find the sh*t we say as funny as we do. We're way funnier than anybody's Dad...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Jena: what's crackin beav

Dani: Nada mucho! How YOU doin'?!

Jena: dude.. I had an nsync backstreet stupid moment in the shower today. I thoguht of you and madison

Dani: Hahahahahaha what happened?

Jena: david was in the bathroom while I was showering and he started singing the WRONG lyrics, but the right beat to I want it that way to me. so I said.. oh hey there JT. then I was like OMGGGG NOOOOOO. its the backstreet boys. Madi and Danielle would be SO ashamed of me right now. lol. and he just looked at me like... who the hell cares if you said nsync

Dani: Hahahahahahahahaha I fucking love u! A good cousin knows when she makes that fatal of an error. Admitting is the 1st step!

Jena: lol yes.. I am at step 1 right now. but still it was a bad error. SPECIALLY considering I was JUST singing it like 3 months ago at their concert. hellooooo. and specially cause I should KNOW that's the backstreet boys. in my defense I had just woken up...

Dani: Not sure that's a good enuf excuse ;)

Jena: its definitely not but its all I have

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