My cousins and I say some pretty off the wall sh*t. We're all ridiculously funny and if you've ever hung out with all of us, you know this is true. We hope you find the sh*t we say as funny as we do. We're way funnier than anybody's Dad...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dani: Hey smart cousin

Jena: you must have IM'd the wrong person

Dani: Some1 just said to me "um, interest seems relative!" To me that doesn't make sense! Between u & me, ur the smart 1

Jena: interest seems relative.... to me that means that people will have a different level of interest depending on the person. but thats a stupid sentence cuase obviously interest is relative

Dani: Hahahahaha

Jena: you have more interest in britney than the guy in the cubicle next to me. cause interest is relative..

Dani: Hahahahahahahahahaha. Brit is so fucking hott. See. Ur the smart 1

Jena: yeah I guess you're right :) genius!

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